Launch of GOb2b Customer App and GOb2b Sales Agent App

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At GOb2b, we are pleased to announce the launch of two new exciting mobile Apps. Our GOb2b Customer App for B2B businesses and our GOb2b Sales Agent App, specifically for B2B sales teams. These Apps will offer your customers and your team flexibility and convenience and will help to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

GOb2b Customer App

As a GOb2b customer, the GOb2b Customer App integrates perfectly with your GOb2b website. Your customers will experience an ultra-convenient new way to purchase from you, right from their phone or tablet, with a layout and navigation that’s familiar as it mirrors your GOb2b website. Another key benefit is that the software integrates directly into your account system through the website, including Sage, Pegasus Opera, Interprise and OGL Profit 4. The App can have a completely bespoke logo design for your business and gives your customers exactly what they need – more choice and more flexibility on how they order from you. Your App will be free for your customers to download and use in the Apple App and Google Play Store.

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, B2B customers are demanding an omnichannel experience and our Customer App offers just that, along with your GOb2b website, phone orders and any other ordering methods you may offer, your customers can choose the method that works best for them at the time, just like they would be able to in their personal lives.

The App is designed to encourage purchases, by making the customer journey seamless and enjoyable and if you have an offer running you can send push notifications directly to your customers’ phones, to keep them coming back to your business again and again.

Key benefits and features include:

  • Designed to encourage ordering and repeat business  
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Can create orders with barcode scanning using phone or tablet camera  
  • Integrates with your accounts system
  • Personalised App branding
  • Free for your customers to download and use
  • Send marketing push notifications direct to your customers’ phones
Two new exciting GOb2b Apps

GOb2b Sales Agent App

Our GOb2b Sales Agent App is built specifically for sales teams, giving them complete control over their accounts including being able to see key customer behavior, no matter where they are. Real time stock checking and pricing enquiries are effortless and it’s easy to switch between customer accounts – absolutely perfect for your team when they are on the road.

The great thing about the Sales Agent App is that you can view order history and top products purchased, making it easy to sell to customers, while understanding exactly what their needs are.

Key benefits and features include:

  • Easily switch between accounts
  • Real time stock checks made simple
  • Up to date pricing enquiries
  • Check customer details from anywhere
  • See order history
  • View top products purchased

If you are interested in a demo of either of our new Apps please get in touch with us at GOb2b.