We understand b2b business

GOb2b are a website design agency specialising in b2b eCommerce, creating award winning software that make b2b businesses more efficient and profitable.
GOb2b is a unique b2b eCommerce website platform with apps which can integrate seamlessly with your other systems, including Sage & Pegasus, to deliver a feature-rich, higher personalised customer experience. Based in the beautiful South Devon town of Kingsbridge, our talented team of pioneering developers create b2b eCommerce solutions for clients across the UK and Ireland.

20 years we have combined our creative flair with technical expertise

to develop world-class eCommerce websites which help manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors succeed online.

Constant investment in our software

We know how fast technologies develop and how important it is that your eCommerce software keeps up with new and emerging technologies in order for you to stay competitive.

This is why we are always investing in the continuous development of our GOb2b software to ensure your business always benefits from the very latest in eCommerce software to help support your growth.

All updates free of charge for all customers

Regular updates to keep up with emerging technology

Continuous development to ensure you remain competitive

Our Aim

complete solution

Our clients spend less time processing orders and more time growing their customer base.

B2B Focus

20 years experience

GOb2b is built with over 20 years experience working with trade customers so we know how complicated b2b purchasing can get. Our platform and all its features are tailored to b2b buying and selling.

Full Integration

complete solution

GOb2b is a complete solution that can also integrate seamlessly with your other systems. This allows bidirectional flows of information between the two systems.


Flexible Tools

GOb2b has a flexible set of tools, solutions and functionality for modern b2b eCommerce.


on-going support

GOb2b is here to support you and your business grow. We provide full training as well as
on-going support for our customers.

We understand b2b business


At Gob2b we understand every business is unique. We don’t just provide software, we want to understand your processes and needs to provide a bespoke service, tailored to achieving your goals and growth potential.

Lifecycles of b2b customers are dramatically more complex than b2c. B2B customers order more frequently, repeat orders and often know what they want so require easy search options. They expect an experience that is easy to navigate and smart, with the ability to get all the information they require at the click of a button.

GOb2b removes the burden of manual order processing by integrating with your accounting software to automate the flow of information between the two systems.

Every member of the Gob2b team is passionate about helping our customers grow and quickly. It is why integration to automate the sales process is just a part of what our specialised b2b platform is all about.

It delivers a fully customisable eCommerce platform. From offering products with specific options to dedicated pricing structures, volume discounts and drop shipping, we make selling online effortless.

We understand the importance of building relationships and increasing brand loyalty. That is why our platform brings our customers’ clients closer to their products with a flawless user experience.

We also have our GOb2b Customer App available for our customers. With our mobile App your customers will have another ultra-convenient way to order from you. Your App will be customised to your branding and will integrate seamlessly with your GOb2b website including your Sage, Pegasus Opera, Interprise or OGL Profit 4 account system.

Our GOb2b Sales Agent App is designed for your sales team, so that they will always have complete control over their accounts, whenever and wherever it suits them.

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