Delivering Feature Rich Customer Experiences

The b2b world is big and complex and there are a whole host of considerations… Setting up an effective online store can involve the setup of a huge number of items, all of which need to work in harmony with each other to fulfil a modern-day customer’s expectations when shopping.

Integration From a business point of view

GOb2b® can create harmony for your customer and your business with live connections from your website to your existing systems.

That’s where integrated b2b ecommerce comes in.

You not only have a powerful, feature rich b2b e-commerce store designed from the ground up to increase your revenues and grow your business…

You can also essentially link your b2b online storefront to your other systems.

Live connections to your other systems means that you can harness the power of your e-commerce data and features in your marketing, finance, shipping and payments processes too. This includes via Customer & Sales Agent Apps. 

This creates a seamless experience for your customers, automated processes for your business and powerful opportunities for driving growth.

GOb2b® is compatible with many familiar systems out-of-the-box.


Accounting Systems

The live connection of GOb2b® with your accounting software, including Sage and Pegasus integration, brings the power of your e-commerce system to the way you work today.

Customer records, pricing, stock, products, discounts, shipping, purchasing, bill of materials and order processing mechanisms are connected from your e-commerce site straight through to and from your accounting software.

GOb2b® connects out-of-the-box with your familiar accounting software to get you up and running fast and simply.


Payment Methods

GOb2b® connects live with multiple card payment, finance payment, invoice payment, pay on account and pro-forma invoicing methods.

We will help you choose the best payment options for your business.

GOb2b® works out-of-the-box with the familiar payment gateways you are already used to


Marketing Automation with Hubspot

Connecting GOb2b® to Hubspot for marketing automation brings the power of inbound marketing to your e-commerce site to drive increased revenues.

It allows you to automate processes, capture customer data where you need it and target customers with tailor-made promotions that will increase revenue through powerful, personalised growth strategies and tactics. 


Email Automation with Mailchimp

The live connection of email with your GOb2b® e-commerce site helps to drive increased conversions directly with your business customers at the right time in the buying journey.

We can combine the power of purchasing, products, pricing, stock, cart, promotions and email marketing directly to your customers from your e-commerce site.

We are compatible out-of-the-box with Mailchimp to help drive this increased revenue from combined insights all along the GOb2b® buying journey. 


Social Media

The live connection of GOb2b® to social media enables you to create a modern brand that stands out from your competitors and keeps you in the hearts and minds of your customers.

It will help drive engagement with your e-commerce site and will extend your marketing reach.

Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media platforms are a common feature on many websites. GOb2b® has facilities to link to all the common sites and we add new ones as they appear.