Ride the b2b online sales surge with a new eCommerce website

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It’s not just b2b companies who have seen a surge in online sales over the last couple of years, this is a phenomenon seen by b2b businesses as well. If your b2b eCommerce solution does not meet the needs of manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors the time to act is now! A platform which enables website sales needs to be your No. 1 priority – you and your customers will benefit.

Your customers benefit with a great user experience

Whilst b2b companies could get by with a clunky static homepage containing an endless catalogue of goods in the early noughties, in the 2020s business owners often grew up in the age of digital and expect more. Add to this the fact that Covid-19 has made b2b business models which rely on travelling salespeople making face to face visits problematic, and it’s easy to see the urgency of adaptation to a slick eCommerce solution. With a world class customer online experience which is intuitive, responsive and easy to use, you improve customer satisfaction, enhance loyalty and increase sales over the longer-term.

Your business benefits with less errors and more freedom

With a best-in-class b2b solution like GOb2b, you get tight integration of an eCommerce platform with accounting systems such as Sage and Pegasus. You can rely on the automated sales processes of an integrated eCommerce platform to deliver 24/7 service, whether staff and customers are working from their offices or from home. At the same time, automating the ordering and customer management process means that businesses need less resources to handle the simple, more repetitive tasks, and there are also less errors resulting from manual typing.

Whether you’re a wholesaler who sells electrical parts, teaching supplies or sports goods it’s time to act now to give your customers the same seamless digital experience they are used to in the b2c sphere. Failure to offer a first class b2b integrated eCommerce platform after a Covid-driven boom in digital means losing business and fast!

Get up and running with b2b eCommerce

GOb2b offers a fast efficient way to build a new sales channel, allowing customers to order directly from you online 24/7. You can have your new GOb2b e-commerce website completely standalone but it is already compatible with the other systems you use such as Sage, Hubspot and Cardstream. We offer three packages to cater for the complexity and scale that your business demands. Find out more.