New integration for GOb2b: Pegasus Opera 3 SE

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GOb2b launches its latest integration with Pegasus Opera 3 SE, the latest edition to the Opera 3 family.

GOb2b has been a proud partner of Pegasus for 5 years and this latest edition to our integrations will allow us to work with even more Pegasus business users.

This popular integration for many businesses across the UK and Ireland is designed for b2b businesses, specifically wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers.

The unique eCommerce platform integrates seamlessly with Pegasus Opera 3 SE accounting system to provide a LIVE bi-directional flow of data. This totally transforms the sales order process with automation and an increase in data visibility for both the business and their customers.

GOb2b’s LIVE connection transfers data immediately in a bidirectional flow of information between Pegasus Opera 3 SE and the eCommerce platform.

Pegasus Opera SE integration

This new integration with Pegasus Opera 3 SE comes with all the features GOb2b’s customers enjoy. The feature-rich platform has a flexible set of tools, solutions and functionality for modern b2b eCommerce.

Integrated eCommerce is essential for a well-functioning eCommerce platform and provide many benefits to the business including efficiency, preventing errors and ultimately helping your profit margins.

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