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Features Chrissie Prior September 16, 2021


GOb2b is a feature-rich, fully integrated, b2b eCommerce platform for wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers.

Our modern b2b eCommerce platform automates your sales order process taking your customer orders directly from your website into sales orders on your accounting system. 

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Order Processing Features

Smart, easy to navigate ordering process which is automatically put into your accounting system.

Stock Position Features

Provide your customers with live stock availability

B2B Features

A dedicated b2b eCommerce platform required dedicated features to meet the specific needs of trade customers.

Product Data Features

Provide your customers with all the product details they require to make purchasing easier.

Navigation Features

Smart, easy to use navigation is key to create an enjoyable eCommerce experience for your customers.

SEO Features

Everything you need to improve your website’s rankings in search engines

B2C Features

Making it possible to sell to trade customers without accounts or b2c customers.

Shipping Features

A complex set of shipping options to suit all your b2b delivery requirements

Marketing Features

Some of our most loved features to get even more from your website

Your eCommerce website is a fundamental part of your business and we want to keep it operating 24/7 and up to date to maximise your return on investment.

Our support services include:

  • Break-Fix: In the unlikely event your website is not working email or call us and we will fix it.
  • Change: If you need changes to your website we will do them if they are small or provide a quotation if they are larger.
  • New Features: As we develop our product, new features will be made available to you. Some of these will just happen, others will need a change to your website and in this case we will provide a quotation for the labour to implement the change, the feature itself is free.
  • Sage Upgrades: If you upgrade your Sage system to a new version we will upgrade your GOb2b system to match at no extra charge.

The Data Centre monitors all the machines in the ‘private cloud’ and key metrics on all the virtual machines. We also monitor all the virtual machines via a separate remote technology.

Finally we monitor the response of each site every 5 minutes from our own monitoring installation in Manchester which is hosted by a different company from the one that provides our main hosting.

All this monitoring produces alerts to our support staff and to the mobile phone of our out-of-hours technician. The net result is we are often investigating a problem and have fixed it before you would notice.

We buy bandwidth from the data centre to the internet and this is an uncapped amount; we simply get charged more if the usage in any month is higher than we budget for.

Bandwidth usage is dependent on the number of visitors and the size of the pages and associated resources such as images and downloads. It is also very ‘peaky’ so when your site is using a lot another may be using very little.

We have included bandwidth in our support and hosting charge and we guarantee to supply sufficient for your needs up to a maximum of 10 Mbs using the 95th percentile. None of our current customers exceeds this limit.

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