How to convert b2b abandoned basket sales

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When it comes to abandoned basket sales it’s worth noting that b2b transactions can be much more complex than b2c. Whilst b2c purchases are often quick decisions that require little need for a follow-up, b2b purchases are often quite different. There may be multiple people involved in the decision-making process. Some clients might require modified products, large quantities, or products sent on a fixed schedule directly to a job site or office. While individual consumers often check out using credit cards, many businesses pay with purchase orders.

What this means is that if a b2b customer abandons their basket during a purchase there are likely to be more complex reasons why the sale wasn’t completed.

To avoid abandoned basket sales there are two ways to proceed. Firstly, avoid them in the first place by setting up a customisable eCommerce portal that gives the user more control over their own experience and eases their way to the sale. Secondly, make sure abandoned basket sales are flagged up and followed up.

Here’s a summary of how to avoid and then convert abandoned basket sales.

Avoid Abandoned Sales

To help make your b2b checkout process slick, smooth and customised, consider integrating the following steps:

Multiple Users – b2b sites should allow for multiple roles and permissions. A business could then give regular employees permission to add to the basket but not to place an order or see account information.

Personalisation – a customisable eCommerce site allows you to make sure your b2b customers are seeing personalised pricing, promotions, discounts and even product ranges.

Ordering Extras – reward your best customers by offering discounts with bulk orders and the option to set up recurring shipments of frequently-used products. You could even integrate the option for your team to build an order for customers unfamiliar with your site which they then review and add to the basket.

Another useful feature is to regularly autosave the basket, so if a customer leaves and comes back their order is still there.

Integrated Products – for ease of use, integrate with your b2b partner’s environment and applications. This includes integrating with accounting apps, CRM integration and card billing, inventory, and logistics.

All-Device Access – don’t cause delays to your ordering process or put people off using your site by offering a poor mobile experience. Make sure to place an order and purchase just as easy on a mobile device as a desktop.

Simple Checkout Process – keep your checkout process simple and integrate the option for customers to quickly order items they regularly buy from you. Allowing new customers to check out as a guest until they build up trust with you can avoid abandoned sales.

Self Service – include a self-service page so customers can check the status of an order themselves.

Convert Abandoned Sales

Abandoned baskets are still going to happen even after implementing the slickest and customisable b2b eCommerce site. There could be multiple reasons for this, so what you need to be able to do as a business is to follow up with the customer.

One of our new order processing eCommerce features is the Abandoned Basket. This feature allows your agents to see a list of all baskets within a set timeframe (e.g. 48 hours) that haven’t been taken to checkout.

All data available will be shown and the agent can then either make adjustments or call the customer to see if they can turn it into a sale. One of our recent customers reported using this feature and converting 50% of abandoned baskets into sales!

So, if your business has set up a customisable eCommerce portal and is also following up abandoned basket sales, your lost orders will be kept to an absolute minimum.

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Gutters Online GO ONLINE

Gutters Online had always planned to drive online growth for their brand but the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated this need.

They wanted to make their products accessible in a time when the UK was going into lock-down and traditional sales were beginning to cease.

“Gob2b allows us to capture customers contact details when added, which means we can follow up with those customers.

50% of customers with abandoned baskets we contact go through to the checkout which is a big number and we’re really pleased with the results!”

Steve Stroud, Head of eCommerce

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