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Order Processing Features Chrissie Prior September 17, 2021

Order Processing Features

Smart, easy to navigate ordering process
which is automatically put into your accounting system.

In many situations, regular customers may have the stock codes of the goods they require from printed catalogues you have previously supplied them.

In this case, customers can have the option to make quick orders by simply entering in the stock code of the item they wish to purchase. The product will be found and entered into their shopping basket.

When the customer places the order you will be notified immediately so you can process the order.

If you have Accounts System Integration we create a sales order in your accounts system and for most customers allocate the stock from the appropriate warehouse(s).

The order is then ready for further processing through dispatch and invoicing. The order number is returned to the website and appears on all of the customer documentation.

Once a customer is logged in the basket is continuously saved so if he logs out or leaves the computer we will recover his basket the next time that he logs in.

The basket is saved via a cookie for b2c customers so it is only saved on that computer. For b2b customers the basket is stored against the purchaser’s login and is available on any computer.

Getting customer ‘buy in’ on your new trade site is sometimes difficult. Or, explaining your complicated products can also be tricky. Using this feature your sales agents can build an order and save it in a customers account with a reference number for review.

The customer can then pick this up and simply place the order if they are happy. This is a great way to get your customers online but still give them that personal touch they might miss otherwise.

Just what it says on the tin, your agents will be able to see a list of all baskets in the last e.g. 48 hours that haven’t been taken to checkout.

All data available will be shown and the agent can then either make adjustments or call the customer to see if they can turn it into a sale.

Most courier companies provide online tracking for parcels. We can provide automatic links to this tracking for many of these companies.

Some are straightforward so that if you have Accounts system integration we can use the generated order number that we already know. However, others use their own dispatch references and in this case you will have to have a process where these are entered into your accounts system to enable the tracking to work.

If you have Accounts system integration GOb2b will place the order using the nominal codes on the products that are synchronised with your accounts system. If you have other nominal code requirements most of these can be achieved through configuration changes to GOb2b.

GOb2b customers can pay on account (if they have trade terms). For credit card payments SagePay and CardStream are the default payment providers used by GOb2b. They accept all major card providers worldwide.

Both SagePay and CardStream can accept payments through PayPal as an option. We will assist you to set up a SagePay or CardStream account.

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