GOb2b and Apex Interprise Suite are excited to launch their new partnership integration

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GOb2b’s eCommerce platform designed specifically for wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers now seamlessly integrates with the popular accounting software, Interprise Suite. 

This unique offering provides a LIVE bi-directional flow of data that will transform your sales order process. The platform delivers a feature-rich, higher personalised customer experience for your customers.

GOb2b’s LIVE connection transfers data immediately in a bidirectional flow of information between Interprise Suite and the eCommerce platform.

Apex Interprise Suite eCommerce integration
Apex Interprise Suite

“We are pleased to confirm that GOb2b eCommerce integration with Interprise Suite is complete. GOb2b is focused on b2b webshops and stand out with their happy customers and dedicated b2b features. Customers can be operational with a proper, fully functional b2b eCommerce website quickly and easily within 4 weeks.”

Tony Parsonage, Director at Apex Interprise Suite

“We are proud to launch our latest integration with Apex Interprise Suite to the market. Our teams at GOb2b and Apex Interprise Suite have partnered perfectly together, working hard to get the integration ready. We’re excited to develop the partnership with Apex Interprise Suite and their customers as the integration goes live.”

Paul Dorey, Director at GOb2b
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Apex Interprise Suite and GOb2b are both experts in their field, working with small to medium-sized businesses across the UK and Ireland.

Interprise Suite was created for SME’s wanting more than a basic accounting software that was scalable and had more advanced features such as stock, order processing and integrated CRM. GOb2b sits within the same market supporting SME’s to sell online with an eCommerce platform uniquely designed specifically for b2b businesses, namely wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers.

The partnership for this integration was born from a passion for software development, a drive to support SME’s to grow and a commitment to provide an excellent customer experience.

The integration between Interprise Suite and GOb2b eCommerce websites will allow a LIVE bidirectional flow of information between the two systems, meaning you only need to enter data into a single system and orders through the site are automatically placed and allocated to customers accounts in sales order processing.

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