Get ahead in 2024 with these latest B2B ecommerce trends

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With the end of the year fast approaching we wanted to share the top B2B ecommerce trends to watch in 2024. According to Forrester, B2B online sales are set to surpass $2.3 trillion in 2024, and could even exceed $3 trillion by 2027. During this time it will be Millennials and Gen Zs joining the workforce and taking on decision making and purchasing responsibilities. As these generations are extremely comfortable with ordering online, it’s vital that you are starting to implement the types of trends now they will expect from B2B companies.

  1. Embrace the rise of mobile commerce. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website then unfortunately you are falling behind and now is the time to invest. B2B mobile shopping has been on the rise for a few years now as customers have come to expect easy, convenient and fast transactions, just like they experience in their personal lives. If you have a GOb2b website or are considering getting one, then you can be confident that you have a very mobile friendly website for your customers. Why not take this trend one step further by getting our GOb2b Customer App for your business. Our mobile app mirrors your GOb2b website and is an ultra-convenient way for your customers to make purchases. Plus it’s designed to increase sales – what better way to get repeat business that to send marketing push notifications direct to your customers’ mobile phones?
  2. Social commerce and online marketplaces for even more shopping options. Third party online marketplaces such as Amazon Business offer B2B companies a unique opportunity to reach people actively searching for products when they are ready to buy. They are great for businesses who are just starting to move online, as it’s much easier to be found when you are selling your products through an established online marketplace. Did you know that marketplaces and product search tools for businesses on social media platforms such as Facebook are on the rise? If you want to get ahead in 2024, consider expanding your presence on these platforms with offers, videos, and influencer marketing. Use these selling tools as a way to reach B2B buyers while they are on social media just like B2C companies do.
  3. Personalisation is key. Unlike the generations before them,Millennials and Gen Zs are very likely to bypass in person sales altogether. Therefore without the face to face interaction, personalisation is absolutely key to attracting and retaining these tech savvy generations as customers. Digital B2B selling has many benefits, including being able to reach more potential customers than ever before. However on the flip side of this, it means your competitors have the opportunity to reach more people too, so you must offer the same level of personalisation as you would in person, through creative, attention grabbing tailored messages to each business and each person within their different roles.
  4. Offering customers an omnichannel approach will continue to be very important. The thing about offering an omnichannel experience is that it aims to provide B2B customers with a seamless shopping and communication experience across multiple platforms, which is exactly what they have come to expect.B2B buyers are using more and more channels throughout the buying journey and so it’s important that when a customer switches between different channels that the process is seamless and the content and level of customer service matches up. It’s also so important to offer many different ways for customers to buy from you and this can include your website, mobile app, over the phone, third party marketplaces and social media marketplaces to name a few.

If you read our blogs then you may have noticed that we have spoken about these trends before. And that’s because these ‘trends’ are here to stay and so they are truly worth investing in if you want to continue to grow your business in 2024 and beyond. If you don’t already have a B2B ecommerce website and mobile app that is truly user friendly, offers an easy, seamless shopping experience and integrates perfectly with your accounting system then please take a look at the GOb2b website and GOb2b Customer App now.