Why you need a B2B ecommerce platform to succeed in 2024

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Sales reps have traditionally been at the heart of almost every B2B company. However, we all know times have changed and B2B companies must keep up, or they will quickly fall behind competitors. Perhaps one of the biggest changes in recent times is customer expectations when it comes to B2B ecommerce. They now expect to be able to order online (and even better have the choice of a mobile app too) just like they would in their personal lives. Still, many B2B businesses are reluctant to implement ecommerce, and those that are continuing to rely solely on sales people to bring in sales will unfortunately struggle. We are not saying that ecommerce replaces sales reps – it’s just that their roles have evolved. While in the past they may have travelled to workplaces to sell products and services in person, they now do video calls and empower customers to do their own online ordering and view their own invoices etc. This gives the opportunity to increase sales, as customers are now able to easily place large and repeat orders when it’s convenient to them. So while it’s true that B2B customers still like to be able to speak to humans, without a doubt your business will need an ecommerce website in order to grow in 2024.

If you are new to ecommerce where do you start?

In our experience, the best place to start is by ensuring you have an ecommerce website in place that is easy to navigate, kept up to date with correct information, is able to be personalised to each customer and offers a smooth buying experience from start to finish. If you choose a GOb2b ecommerce website, you will get all of this and importantly it will integrate seamlessly with your accounting system including Sage, Pegasus and OGL Profit 4 and we also offer the same with our GOb2b Customer App, which is another fantastic buying platform to offer your customers. If you have a GOb2b ecommerce website or you are thinking of getting one, then our GOb2b Customer App is a great addition to help increase sales in 2024.

Here are some of the key benefits of an ecommerce website:

  1. Flexibility for your customers – they are empowered to place orders (large and repeat) at their own convenience, with no time restrictions on when they can make purchases
  2. Can reach more customers – in different areas of the country (or even other countries if that suits your business) when strong search engine optimisation (SEO) is in place
  3. Frees up the time of your sales reps – they can use their time to empower even more customers to order online and generate even more sale organically  
  4. Customer data insights – worried that your business will lose the personal touch? With ecommerce you will gain valuable data insights, allowing you to personalise their online experience to encourage repeat ordering. 

Why offer a mobile App as well as an ecommerce website?

  1. B2B buyers expect a mobile App – today’s B2B customers expect an omni-channel experience when it comes to online ordering and that including a mobile App that they can easily download and access from their mobile or tablet
  2. B2B Apps improve cart abandonment rates – customers can quickly open up their App, see all the product information they need, add their products to their cart and can check out, with all their delivery details stored ready for them
  3. An App encourages repeat purchases and customer loyalty – One of the great benefits of having a B2B mobile App, is that if a customer takes the time to download your App, it’s extremely likely that they are planning to buy from you and will do so again and again
  4. An App can help you to stand out against your competitors – If your competitors don’t have an App, but you do and your customers like using it, then of course they will come back to your business again and again.

We hope you found this helpful and it gave you the confidence to embrace all the positive benefits of implementing ecommerce for your business. We are specialists in B2B ecommerce and have over 20 years’ experience in creating award winning software that make B2B businesses more efficient and profitable. Our unique B2B ecommerce website and mobile app platforms can integrate seamlessly with your other systems to deliver a feature-rich, personalised customer experience, guaranteed to increase your sales in 2024. So if you are ready to take the leap into ecommerce we can help.

If you already have a GOb2b website and would like to request our Customer App brochure please let us know.