UK funding to help businesses grow with cutting edge eCommerce solutions

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Are you looking to grow your b2b business with a new or updated eCommerce offering? Did you know there is lots of funding currently available across the UK to help businesses grow?

Things have drastically changed in the b2b market. If you’re a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor who want to spend less time keying in sales orders and more time growing your business, an integrated eCommerce website will take your business to the next level. The average growth via GOb2b’s eCommerce system, in 2020 was a staggering 380%.

The Small Business website lists 150 small business grants available to apply for right now! They range from partial funding to match funding, tax credits and even 100% funding.

You can also see if there is finance and support for your business on the website. There are currently grants in wholesale and retail across the Southwest of England, Scarborough, Leicestershire, Birmingham and many more areas of the UK.

If your b2b company wants a quick, easy and smart way to start selling online, GOb2b is offering a fast-track solution that can be up and running in two weeks and requires no capital expenditure. Delivered securely as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) from the Cloud, our trade portal integrates with Sage and Pegasus accounting systems to provide your customers with a slick personalised ordering process. You simply pay an affordable monthly fee for hosting, maintenance and on-going support on a 24-month contract.

See the benefits for yourself in our recent Sage 50 demo webinar.