The true cost of not investing in a robust integrated B2B ecommerce website now

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If you’re hesitant about venturing into ecommerce for your business, then this blog is for you. Transitioning from offline sales to online commerce might seem daunting or perhaps even unnecessary if you’ve always operated in a certain way. However, failing to invest in ecommerce now could mean lagging behind competitors who are already capitalising on the advantages of having an online presence. Or perhaps you already have an ecommerce website but it is not fit for purpose? Then read on to discover the true cost of not having an integrated ecommerce website that truly benefits you and your customers.

If you are a B2B business but don’t yet have an ecommerce website then we want to ask you these questions:

  1. Are your competitors offering an online order service to trade customers?
  2. Do more and more of your customers need the facility to order online 24/7?
  3. Do you get lots of calls asking for pricing, stock positions and invoices that stop your employees from doing more productive things?
  4. Are you manually inputting orders from emails, faxes and phone calls and feel there is a better way of doing this?

If you answered yes to most of those questions then we want to delve into the true cost of continuing to operate without an ecommerce website.

  1. You are not giving your customers what they expect

Today’s B2B customers demand the ability to shop online. They like the convenience, ease of use and the option to place orders whenever and wherever suits them. If you are not offering this, then they will unfortunately go elsewhere, especially as more and more Millennials and Gen Zs (who are very comfortable ordering online) move up into senior purchasing positions.

2. You will increase the risk of inefficiencies

    If you are continuing to use paper-based processes in this digital age then you will start to experience higher rates of error if you haven’t already, and not to mention increased costs compared to those who have embraced ecommerce.  A B2B ecommerce website that integrates with you accounting system such as Sage, Pegasus or OGL and displays live stock updates means there is less opportunity for pricing and stock errors and potential costly mistakes are also less likely.

    3. You will fall behind your competitors

      If your business doesn’t have an ecommerce website, but your competitors do then it’s only inevitable that your customers and potential customers will go somewhere else. Now really is the time to invest in ecommerce – the longer B2B companies fail to adapt to customer needs, the harder it will be as the competitive landscape is changing all the time. If this sounds daunting then you need to hire a specialist in B2B ecommerce to provide you with an integrated ecommerce website and that can adapt to these changes without you having to worry about it.  

      If you already have an ecommerce website, but you feel it could be better then we want to ask you these questions:

      1. Does your current website display individual discounts and price lists that are in your accounts system?
      2. Does your current website have an accurate live stock position?
      3. Are your shipping charges easily displayed on your website?
      4. Can your field sales team get instant access to information and place orders remotely?
      5. Does your website work with mobiles and tablets?

      If you answered no to most of these questions then your business will benefit from an intuitive ecommerce website that integrates seamlessly with your accounting system. If you are on the fence about investing in a new one when you already have an ecommerce website then we want to talk about why now is the time for you to invest in a website that will help you stand out and will keep your customers coming back. If you carry on operating with a website that is not working in the way it should, then you will experience a negative impact, including:

      1. Loss in revenue

      In comparison to B2C, B2B customers are more likely to buy in bulk and make large and repeat purchases online. You can easily upsell on an ecommerce site too with tailored product suggestions, so by keeping you current website and not investing in one that can adapt to each customer, integrate with other systems and offer a smooth customer journey, your customers will no doubt switch to a competitor and you will experience a loss in revenue.

      2. Missed opportunities for growth

        If you have an ecommerce website that is not serving your business then you will miss out on other opportunities for growth such as adding a mobile App as convenient way for customers to order from you. When your website is working really well for your business and your customers, then you are more likely to invest in other areas that can help to increase revenue such as an App. GOb2b customers that already have a feature rich ecommerce website in place can choose to add our GOb2b Customer App to their online ordering offering.

        3. Marketing for your business will be ineffective

          If your website is not fit for purpose, e.g. it doesn’t display correct stock information, it isn’t mobile friendly or it doesn’t offer customers tailored discounts and offers then any marketing that you do for your business is unfortunately going to be ineffective. Potential customers may make it to your site but they will soon leave and go to a competitor, if they can see that it doesn’t work on their mobile device or it is not easy to use. On the other hand if you have an intuitive website that has a smooth customer journey and is delivering feature rich, tailored customer experiences that keeps enticing new customers and keeps current ones ordering from you, then you are much more likely to put effort into your marketing activities and produce great results.   

          If you have not already invested in a B2B ecommerce website that integrates perfectly with your accounting system, delivers feature rich customer experiences, provides live stock information, can handle complex delivery pricing and offer customers tailored discounts then this is your sign to make the switch. Take our survey to see if you could benefit from an integrated B2B ecommerce website:

          If you are ready to find out more please get in touch with our friendly team at GOb2b and we will be happy to talk to you about a website that truly works for you and your customers to keep them coming back again and again.