NOW is the time to get your business fit for the future with b2b eCommerce

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With recent COVID-19 lockdowns, businesses are struggling to juggle a multitude of challenges – from generating sales and managing remote workers, to controlling cost and maintaining cash flow.

In this difficult operating environment, many of the b2b companies we work with are realising the benefits of an online sales channel. Using a best-of-breed eCommerce platform that tightly integrates with their business and accounting systems (such as Sage or Pegasus), they’re able to automate ordering procedures for their customers and continue trading 24/7 without the need to take orders face-to-face or on the phone. Their processes accelerate, cost of sales reduces, and margins increase.

Our customers have added an extra online dimension to their business that is now enabling them to maintain service continuity and adapt to rapidly changing operational demands.

While these organisations have eCommerce platforms that are already up and running, we’re also currently talking to other companies that have yet to make the move online but increasingly recognise the value of having an automated eCommerce system. As the lockdown begins to bite and business activity slows, these companies are finding more time to focus on strategic priorities and plan projects that will get their organisations fit for the future. For many, implementing a b2b integrated eCommerce system is now a priority.

Whether you’re considering opening up an online sales channel on your website for the first time, or looking to upgrade an existing system, we can help you move forward with an eCommerce platform that will future-proof your business. Get in touch now to discuss how our cost efficient, rapidly deployable solutions can transform the way you work.

Get your business out of lockdown and fit for the future!

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