Is your b2b eCommerce platform fit for purpose?

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Delivering an b2b eCommerce solution that meets the complex needs of manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors can be a problematic task, especially for technology providers that have cut their teeth on b2c systems. Over the years we’ve seen many b2b eCommerce projects unravel after using off-the-shelf or open source software solutions – usually because providers fail to understand the unique demands of b2b eCommerce, or they simply don’t have the system capabilities to address those demands.

More often than not, integration of an eCommerce platform with accounting systems such as Sage and Pegasus is at the heart of any issues. Tight, seamless integration is critical to delivering the features and functionality that differentiate a best-in-class b2b solution like GOb2b, from other systems like Shopify, Magento or WordPress WooCommerce. The most successful integrations come through platforms built from the ground up for b2b and designed to fit perfectly with accounting systems, without the need for third party integration tools.

Successful integration provides a two-way flow of essential information between accounting system and eCommerce platform. If the platform is not built specifically for this purpose, a software developer will have to find some kind of sticking plaster solution to enable the two systems to communicate with each other. Typically though, this kind of integration fails and the business reverts to manual processes for transferring data such as orders, stock, pricing, and customer information, between systems. This undermines the very essence of moving to a digital system in the first place.

With the right b2b eCommerce platform, incorporating bespoke requirements if necessary and seamless integration with accounting systems, b2b companies can offer their customers a highly personalised website experience through features like account-specific pricing, discounts and payment terms, personalised offers and promotions, individual order histories, and the display of real-time inventory levels at the ordering stage.

These features have a big impact on the customer online experience, improving satisfaction, enhancing loyalty and increasing sales over the longer-term. At the same time, automating the ordering and customer management process means that businesses need less resource to handle the simple, more repetitive tasks, and there are also fewer errors resulting from manual keying.

GOb2b, today’s best-performing Sage-integrated b2b eCommerce platform, is intelligent, powerful and affordable. With free, on-going software updates and 24/7 service support available, it’s helping b2b companies all over the UK drive business efficiencies, attract new customers, and sell more products at a higher margin. Contact our eCommerce specialists now to see how GOb2b could work for your business.