How the GOb2b system can help you retain b2b customers

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Retaining customers is essential for b2b organisations. So if your strategy isn’t focusing on fortifying customer loyalty it’s time for some change. You don’t just need to stop clients from leaving, you want to inspire your customers to stay, and to recommend your products to all their contacts too!

Here are our top tips on how the GOb2b system can take your customer retention strategy to the next level:

Offer a great user experience

Unless you’re operating in a very niche market, a clunky website experience will not help you retain customers! Smart, easy to use navigation is key to creating an enjoyable experience for your customers. Your website should also follow standard paradigms if you want your customers to navigate your site easily.

Keep eCommerce up to date

Make sure your eCommerce website is working smoothly and effectively. Provide your customers with live stock availability and all the product details they require to make their purchase with confidence. Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than purchasing a product that then turns out to be out of stock or only partially available.

B2b eCommerce software like GOb2b will automatically show buyers complementary products and special offers. When a b2b website’s merchandising and content contribute to product discovery, product knowledge, and purchasing success, buyers will find what they need easily and keep coming back.


A website which offers a personalised experience is going to be miles ahead when it comes to customer retention. The option to have a personalised account, save a basket and have ‘top’ items listed in their ‘Your Account’ section makes it easy for your customers to repeat orders.


Keeping in touch with your customers is key to the b2b relationship. With face-to-face meetings dropping off the agenda over the last couple of years its important to make sure you’re staying in touch with your customers in a way which suits them.

Do you have an automated email marketing campaign set up? Does your website have a chat bot facility? Does your blog or website answer commonly asked questions? Are your team on hand to answer any client queries or to proactively set up meetings if a client starts to go quiet? Your communication strategy needs to be focused around the customers needs.

Efficient Service

Offer your customers a highly efficient service by providing detailed reporting in almost real-time. This information is vital for buyers and may have been provided during monthly or quarterly client meetings in pre-Covid times. A fully integrated b2b eCommerce site means there’s no need for sales reps to process and handle this data, it’s all available to the client through their eCommerce website. Clients can access this data at any time providing a highly efficient service.

Act on feedback

If you want to avoid losing current customers it’s important to know why you lose business. Make sure it’s both easy for your customers to contact you and that you ask for feedback from both existing customers and ones who have left. By finding out why customers are leaving you can then make any changes possible to avoid the same thing happening again.

GOb2b is a b2b eCommerce system for wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers which focuses around customer retention. Our unique b2b eCommerce platform integrates seamlessly with accounting systems to provide a LIVE bi-directional flow of data. This delivers a feature-rich, highly personalised experience for your customers. Book a demo here.