How b2b eCommerce is shaping the future of manufacturing sales

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Today’s business-to-business eCommerce platforms offer manufacturers and wholesalers a unique chance to provide their customers with a simple, seamless user experience, as well as the flexibility to meet continually changing market demands.

With analysts reporting that nearly three quarters of b2b buyers now say that buying from a website is more convenient than purchasing from a sales rep, and over 90% preferring to buy online once they’ve decided what to buy, it’s clear eCommerce is a must-have sales channel. Let’s take a quick look at some of the main business benefits…

Firstly, launching an online store gives your business more prominence and profile. And it provides a vehicle to build a trusting relationship with end-user customers who value the fast, hassle-free purchasing process that comes with a good eCommerce platform. In addition, potential customers can find your products and services more easily through Internet search engines – which results in more visitors to your site and more opportunities to sell.

With the right b2b eCommerce platform, you can offer customers a truly personalised experience. Integration with business and accounting systems such as Sage and Pegasus enables features like account-specific pricing, discounts and payment terms, personalised offers and promotions, individual order histories, and the display of real-time inventory levels at the ordering stage. You can personalise for international audiences too, with the ability to feature different languages and currencies

All this adds up to a customised, relevant experience for visitors, which saves them time and makes their job easier. And it means that your business can grow turnover, cut costs and and increase margin. At the same time, you also have the opportunity to build a direct relationship with your end-customer and can benefit from positive customer reviews left on your site.

By automating ordering and customer management processes, a b2b eCommerce solution means you need less resource to handle the simple, more repetitive tasks – and there are also fewer errors resulting from manual keying. It helps to streamline shipping processes and improve efficiency across your business. You can focus your team’s efforts on other areas of the company like new business development or in areas where more personal input is required – for example with complex purchases or higher ticket items.

Today’s best-performing integrated b2b eCommerce platforms are intelligent, powerful and easy to use. They help to drive business efficiencies, attract new customers, and sell more products at a higher margin – all while delivering a high quality customer experience.

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