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Stock Position Features Chrissie Prior September 17, 2021

Stock Position Features

Provide your customers
with live stock availability

We understand busy businesses can have a very dynamic stock position. Therefore, we have configured GOb2b to display stock in numerous ways to best fit your business needs.

We can display the ‘live’ stock level, show as always in stock, a traffic light system and many more! The important thing is, you have control over how your stock is displayed on your eCommerce site.

You can change your stock positions with a simple CSV option.  If you have Accounts system integration the stock position is kept updated in real time

As we are caching the stock value it is important we do not make an online sale based on an out of date stock position. If you have Accounts system integration then as the user reaches their final checkout step, the accounting system stock database is queried one final time to get the exact stock position.

If there is insufficient stock to fulfil the order, either: the user can be redirected to the basket to be notified of the status of the order, the user can be redirected to the basket, the quantity reduced to match stock available and the customer notified, or if the product is on back-order, the order will continue to be placed.

You may have items that you can quickly obtain for your customer when you are out of stock or there may be items that you never stock. In this case, you can mark the item as ‘Back-order’.

This will cause the site to show that product as ‘In Stock’ or show a more accurate message such as ‘Back-order’ or ‘Order for delivery in 3 days depending on your requirements. If yours is the type of business where everything is available on back-order then the site can be configured to do this for all products.

When you use Bundles they only show in stock if all elements of the bundle are in stock

If you have Accounts system integration GOb2b supports the Bill of Materials (BOM) so you can use BOM straight away rather than having to create Bundles. When a stock query is made for a BOM item the stock of the made-up item is checked first and then the BOM is used to check how much can be made up from stock. 

GOb2b has the ability to configure individual stock thresholds for products on the website. This will allow you to configure when the stock level for a product will show as ‘Low Stock’ or ‘Out of Stock’.

This could be to prompt a customer into purchasing the product to not be disappointed, or because you wish to not use all your stock for website sales as you may want to keep some back for trade counter sales.

You can display the date the product will be back in stock when it is out of stock.  The due in date can also be done in a bespoke manner such as using supplier lead time where there is no extant purchase order.

If you have Accounts system integration and run an accurate purchase order system and you keep expected delivery dates up to date then when an item is out of stock a due in date can be displayed. This date can be ‘slugged’ by a fixed number of days to allow for late delivery, unpacking and other factors which make the shipping date different from the delivery date.

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Stock Position Features

Provide your customers with live stock availability

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