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Shipping Features Chrissie Prior September 17, 2021

Shipping Features

A complex set of shipping options
to suit all your b2b delivery requirements

Shipping can be complex in the b2c area but for b2b with large orders that may involve pallets, it is even more complex.

GOb2b provides a complex set of shipping options, which can help organisations simplify their shipping charges whilst still recovering costs. There is also the option of bespoke shipping set-ups.

The most common way to price shipping is by the weight of the consignment.

This can be simple weight bands for instance 0-10kg, 10-30kg, over 30kg or increments within a band such as £10 for the first 10 kilos then 50p a kilo thereafter.

Many shipping companies use a combination of weight and volumetric weight. This allows them to charge for light items such as a roll of bubble wrap.

Volumetric weight is calculated by
multiplying the 3 dimensions of a parcel in centimetres together and then dividing by a factor supplied by the shipping company (often in the range of 4000 – 5000).

GOb2b will then use whichever is the greater of the actual weight or real weight to calculate the shipping.

By value shipping charges by the value of goods in the basket for instance up to £100 shipping is £20 and over £100 shipping is free. By value is effective if you provide free shipping for large orders.

By number allows you to charge by the number of products. This could be ‘each’ or in ranges such as ‘1-5, 5-10 etc’. This is often combined with product specific shipping to charge for
large or awkward products in your range.

Some items may be heavy or awkward and require a specific form of shipping. GOb2b’s product specific shipping allows you to set up this for a product or groups of products.

Overseas shipping is always more expensive than domestic but many carriers have different rates for shipping for different parts of the country.

With GOb2b you can set up postcode and country zones so you can offer different rates for different delivery addresses. These zones work with the weight and value criteria so you can offer banded shipping to each zone.

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