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Product Data Features Chrissie Prior September 17, 2021

Product Data Features

Provide your customers with all the product details
they require to make purchasing easier. 
If you have Accounts system integration much of this data will
be synchronised from your system

The product name is normally taken from the product name (or description) in your accounting system. The default configuration is for this name to only be taken when the product is first imported. This is because the data in many accounting systems are in capitals or in a form that is not friendly to your customers; if you edit it on the GOb2b software you do not want those changes overwritten at subsequent synchronisations.

If the product names are exactly as you wish them to be on the website then the system can be configured to update the name on every synchronisation.

Some accounting systems have the ability to store a long description of a product but we have found these to rarely be populated and even if they are ‘rich text’ is not supported.

Like the name the default configuration for GOb2b is to import this field on the first occasion and then preserve any changes made in the GOb2b software.

Some accounting systems have the ability to store one or more images. We find that very few of our customers use this facility but if they do we can synchronise one image as the primary (main) product image on the website. Alternatively, images can be uploaded directly into our GOb2b software.

The product nominal code is synchronised from the accounting system and is the default code that is sent when the order is posted to the accounting system. This nominal code can be changed when the order is posted if required.

The accounting systems have the ability to store the supplier part number which may be different from your stock code for the part. This field is synchronised and is included in the GOb2b search to allow your customer to find goods by the suppliers’ number as well as your own.

Showing your website to your customers in their own language is great, and especially useful if you’re selling complex products and you’ve had their descriptions translated professionally.

Foreign language fields can be configured in GOb2b for product descriptions, and we can provide a language pack containing all key phrases / words the site uses for translation.

Most accounting systems have a field to store a barcode. If this is populated GOb2b will synchronise it.

This field is particularly useful if is populated with the GTIN because this can then be exported to the Google products feed for running Google Shopping Ad campaigns to boost online sales.

The selling price is synchronised from product data or the default price list in your accounting system. If your standard selling pricing has quantity break discounts then these can also be synchronised by setting up a sales ledger account that has that discount structure and then synchronising in the context of that account.

Synchronise the RRP of products from a price list in your accounting system.

The tax code for products is synchronised directly from the accounting system integration as is the tax code for any b2b account when a customer logs in.

Once the customer enters or confirms the order delivery address in the checkout the correct tax amount and coding for every item in the basket will be calculated and then posted into your accounting system to ensure correct VAT records.

GOb2b can sell in multiple currencies. For b2b transactions, the currency will be derived from the account set up and pricing is driven from either foreign currency price lists or conversion from the currency rates entered periodically into your accounts system.

When a customer logs in they will see prices in their currency. For b2c transactions, we can detect the IP address of the user and set the country delivery address according to this IP. This
then switches the currency accordingly.

GOb2b has a Category and Sub Category field on each product. These can be synchronised from a variety of fields in your accounting system and then used to create a dynamic navigation structure.

Some accounts systems offer the option to configure product alternatives. If these are configured then the alternatives in GOb2b can be synchronised with these.

Alternatives can always be shown or be made to appear only when the item is out of stock.

Put simply, we will scan through past order data on the website and display products that are often bought (in the same order) with the product the customer is looking at.

This is a great upsell opportunity that will build itself over time as more orders go through the site.

In order to provide customers with the maximum information to assist their purchase, to give your business customer a one-stop shop for technical data or to provide marketing collateral to your resellers GOb2b provides the ability to attach files to departments or products.

These can be any file format but you should restrict them to the common formats your customer would use such as PDF, Excel, Word and images.

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