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Navigation Features Chrissie Prior September 17, 2021

Navigation Features

Smart, easy to use navigation is key
to create an enjoyable eCommerce experience for your customers

Our Content Management System has been designed to give you full control over all content on your website!

Everything from the catalogue and department structure, the products which are displayed on the site, right through to the terms and conditions page. GOb2b has been built to be extremely flexible, highly versatile and easy to use, to give you one point of call for all the products on your website.

Mega Menus are a popular way of giving your customers, at a glance, a view of your catalogue. They are a 2-dimensional drop-down grouped menu based on the department structure of your site. They can be made to look very attractive with images.

Your website should follow standard paradigms if you want your customers to navigate your eCommerce site easily. GOb2b has top and left side menus that can be used for general navigation and catalogue navigation. These are interchangeable and can be combined into one side or one top menu depending on taste and the structure of your catalogue.

GOb2b also has footer menus for all those necessary but not featured things such as privacy policies
and T&Cs.

We have designed our search algorithm around our customer base. 80% of our customers are b2b or a combination of b2b and b2c so searching by product code is important for regular customers (or agents) looking for known stock codes. So stock code and manufacturer’s (suppliers) part number are prioritised.

A sitemap for your site can be automatically generated.

This is a single page with links to all the departments and products on the site. These work well for small catalogues but are of limited value for large catalogues as the resulting huge page is slow to load and difficult to navigate. By default, a sitemap is not enabled on your site.

A bread crumb, from the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, lets your customer know where they are on the site.

“Fruit > Apples > Golden Delicious” – this shows clearly where they are and as each term is a link they can quickly navigate back to previous pages.

We can log each product that your customer visits in your online shop and then display these so that they can quickly go back to something they looked at previously.

Add your customer’s logo to their account and it will appear on their account page when they login.

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