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Marketing Features Chrissie Prior September 17, 2021

Marketing Features

Some of our most loved features
to get even more from your website

All the images and most of the other resources used to deliver your web pages are delivered from a worldwide Content Delivery Network. This significantly improves the speed at which these resources are delivered to your customers and improves the score your website will receive from many of the popular ‘metrics’ such as Web Vitals.

The CDN used also optimises images to the very latest formats if your customers web browser will accept them.

The internet is more and more about buying on reputation. Gob2b reviews give you the opportunity to let your existing customers convince others. Users have the option to leave reviews for specific products.

The review feature can either be ‘un-moderated’ in which case a review, good or bad, is immediately available or moderated in which reviews do not appear until you have approved them.

To showcase what your customers think of your products we’ve added a new e-mail review feature.

You can automate an e-mail to be sent to your customers 7 days after their purchase to ask them to review the products they bought from you. Reviews from customers help shape your business, build loyalty and boost sales.

If you sell branded goods then it can save you time and help customer recognition if you can apply that brand in a consistent way across the site; perhaps with a brand logo hyper-linked to the brand home page in the top right-hand corner of each product page.

GOb2b allows you to define brand characteristics once and then apply them to all products (and departments) on the site. We can also provide a single page showing all the products for that brand.

GOb2b has a very powerful filtering functionality, giving you the ability to create a wide range of feature sets which your customers can narrow down your product range quickly and efficiently to find exactly what they are after.

Cross-selling is a common means of upselling products to your customers based on their selection, it could be as simple as adding some accessories, or consumable products that go with a big ticket item (e.g. soap dispenser). Our platform allows you to do this quickly and easily across an entire range of products, or on a more granular product-by-product basis.

Google products is a powerful marketing tool. GOb2b can export a CSV file of all your products for uploading to Google. While this is an easy process the effectiveness of the marketing depends on the quality of data you have entered into your accounts system / Gob2b.

In particular, entering the GTIN into the barcode field in your accounts system or GOb2b can significantly improve the effectiveness.

As well as the Google product feed GOb2b can export ‘generic’ product data so that it can be easily formatted for submission to product comparison sites.

We can configure this export to include any of the GOb2b fields in any order.

If you are providing a lot of information then a neat way to layout the page is to use a tabbed interface. You can separate things like ‘Specifications’, ‘Downloads’, ‘Videos’ and ‘Reviews’ onto separate tabs.

Your customers will quickly get used to the layout and it has the advantage that you can suppress tabs when you do not have content for a particular product.

GOb2b bundles allow you to combine different products and sell them at a price that is different from the sum of their individual prices.

They enable you to sell promotional bundles such as cricket bats, pads, and gloves. Stock checking will check that all the constituent parts of a bundle are in stock.

GOb2b promotions allow you to offer a deal without having to change the base price.

There are a wide range of promotions such as
‘Money Off’, ‘10% Off’’, ‘Buy One Get One Free’, ‘Free Product’, ‘Free Shipping’ and many more.

The promotions themselves can be for a limited time and/or promotion code dependant. They can apply to the whole basket or be linked to certain products.

Promotions are applied on top of any b2b pricing or discounting so they need to be thoroughly tested to ensure they do not destroy the margin when applied to your customers on the highest discounts.

GOb2b provides a banner advertising system that will allow you to place banner ads almost anywhere on your site.

The standard template provides for banners at the top, bottom and sides of the site but this can easily be changed. The banners can rotate if you upload more than one banner for a particular slot.

For sites selling certain classes of consumer goods, gift vouchers can be an effective way of increasing revenue.

GOb2b allows gift vouchers to be bought online and redeemed online. If you already have a card-based gift voucher system then by entering the voucher codes of the physical vouchers into GOb2b you can operate a mixed scheme selling online and redeeming
physically and vice versa.

Several of our customers are operating gift vouchers successfully but this feature is not enabled by default and requires careful thought about your internal procedures.

Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media platforms are a common feature on many websites. GOb2b has facilities to link to all the common sites and we add new ones as they appear.

GOb2b can support a host of different live chat plugins to allow you to communicate with potential customers and existing customers who are browsing your site.

On your website, we can place a newsletter sign-up form, if you are using your own newsletter.

Full information can be found on the Mailchimp website. GOb2b implements Mailchimp’s v3 API for eCommerce.

We regularly upload products, stock, carts, orders and customer data to Mailchimp. This allows you to use Mailchimp’s powerful eCommerce automation tools for remarketing, cart abandonment, tailored promotions etc.

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