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Integrations Lewis Akeroyd August 24, 2021

One of those is the complexity of eCommerce itself. Setting up an effective online store can involve the setup of a huge number of items, all of which need to work in harmony with each other to fulfil a modern-day customer’s expectations when shopping.

IntegrationFrom a business point of view,

this means juggling a seemingly endless collection of software, platforms and systems behind the scenes to meet those expectations.
This isn’t always easy.

That’s where Integrated b2b eCommerce comes in. You could think of integration as an extremely well-built network of roads that connects each and every one of your systems.

It essentially links your online storefront and other online sales channels to your back-end systems (such as an ERP platform, warehouse management system, finance software etc).

What is Integrated eCommerce?

It is the co-ordination between a businesses’ eCommerce website and their back end systems. Connecting an eCommerce website to an ERP system allows for bidirectional flows of information.

Connecting an eCommerce website to an ERP system allows for bidirectional flows of information between the two systems, meaning you only need to enter data into a single system.

Live connection

When an eCommerce website is integrated to an ERP system you want a connection that transfers the data immediately.

The bidirectional flow of information between the two systems needs to be LIVE.

May business believe they have integrated eCommerce but we believe to be fully integrated the connection needs to be LIVE – so data is transferred immediately.

If you agree to a new discount structure for a particular customer, it is likely they will want to purchase straight away so you want to be able to update these discounts in your ERP system and for them to immediately show for that customer as soon as they login to your website.

From another perspective to be fully integrated you want data to be transferred from your website when and order is placed and also for stock to be allocated to that order in your sales order processing in your ERP.

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