Henley Stoves is a 100% owned Irish company that supplies the widest range of highest quality stoves, electric fires and bio-ethanol fires to the trade through stockists across UK and Ireland.


Manufacture and wholesale

Target Market

B2B – Déanta and Henley Stoves supply both big fitters and stockists across UK and Ireland


Sage 200 Integration


The business was founded more than 30 years ago and has grown successfully in that time.

Much of the sales team’s time was taken up processing orders, checking stock levels and pricing for customers. Declan told us that “about 40% of the day was taken up taking orders – especially for spare parts. We had about 25 different pricing structures.”

“We needed to simplify our processes, maintain a high quality of customer service and reduce the continuous comms we needed with manual and double entry ordering processes and returns.”
The aim was to have an eCommerce website that was very simple, “customers pick our products and place their orders – 3 clicks and go! We wanted to provide a service – not just technology”

It needed to be easy to use for all their customers as well as a wish list that included:
• Hosting a growing range of quality products online.
• Customers can see stock levels, prices and warranty registration online automatically.
• Automated integration for pricing, SKU details and stock from their accounting software.
• Enable customers to choose easily – 3 clicks and go!
• Customers can order easily from a mobile, tablet and laptop.
• Simplify and streamline processes as part of the automation project.
• Customers could repeat, build, save and have their orders checked and confirmed by email.
• Enable top quality customer service with no mix ups.
• A site that is very visual but provides a fast response for new orders, warranty registration, services and returns.

Gob2b were delighted to be asked to work with Declan for both Henley Stoves and Déanta


GOb2b’s unique eCommerce platform would give them a very visual, feature rich website that made it easy and fast for customers to place orders but also enabled the processes to be streamlined and simplified for warranty registration, spare parts and returns.

GOb2b is fully integrated with their Sage 200 accounting software to sync orders, stock information, product data, customer records and pricing. “We made sure it was kept simple. Gob2b made sure we weren’t scared of the tech and are really knowledgeable about the business processes. They are a great sounding board and partner and they know what they are doing” said Declan.

Declan tells us that the “Gob2b e-commerce integration connection with Sage 200 means that our sales people have less stress and headaches, no more double entry! They have a lot more interaction with the customers and have more time and freedom to make deals.”



“Our Gob2b ecommerce site has directly delivered 10% sales growth. Our average order value has almost doubled and we have changed about 40% of each day from processing orders to actively interacting with our customers” said Declan.

• Customers love being able to order on the go on their mobile and tablet devices.
• Customers like having the visibility of stock and pricing at their fingertips.
• The simplicity of the three click ordering saves both our customers and us time and money.
• Warranty registration and service tickets are easy for our customers now.
• The sales people have made the most of the time by interacting more with our customers – they are free to do deals!


“The Gob2b site has reduced service issues by 90%”
“We have the highest quality products and we wanted the highest levels of service to match. The Gob2b site has reduced service issues by 90% with a combination of simplification, online warranty and service request. Customers don’t have to call in now, they can do all of this online, its fast and simple for them” said Declan.
“Spare parts are essential for our customers and they need to be able to get them quickly and easily. It’s a complex part of the business and could take up huge efforts for both us and our customers. The integration between Gob2b and Sage has made a lot of the problems a thing of the past!”


The GOb2b platform creates sites which are built to last with regular updates as part of the monthly fee as well as support from our team of experts during the life-time of your site.
“We have the best selection and highest availability of quality products. We have had great feedback from our customers so far and we are very happy that our e-commerce site from Gob2b shows our products in the best way and provides the high level of service for our valued customers.”


When we asked Declan what learnings he had taken away he said;

“Don’t’ be afraid of the tech, take the chance, it’s worth it.

Ask for help, the Gob2b team know what they are doing, are a great sounding board and they are really helpful with loads of coaching. The personalities are great and they will go above and beyond to help you with your entire online journey.

Keep it simple, ask about the processes – they are very experienced and know how to both automate and simplify along the way – they have often seen it before and know how to help with streamlining as you go.”



We are now looking at Henley UK side and also some B2C. We will continue to optimise our customers’ online experience and service as we go.