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B2B Features Chrissie Prior September 17, 2021

B2B Features

A dedicated b2b eCommerce platform requires
dedicated features to meet the specific needs of trade customers

This feature allows businesses to facilitate trade/credit accounts through the site, meaning all orders will be placed directly into sales order processing.

Each account can have multiple purchasers with their own unique login. The balances from the orders can be paid off in full at a later date.

If you have Accounts system integration then these orders appear in your systems just like telesales or sales counter orders.

Trade customers have the ability to see their individual negotiated price plans. Product price plans and discount details can  be entered into GOb2b.   If you’re using quantity discount breaks then these breakpoints are shown together with the discounted prices.

The product pages can also be configured to show ‘standard’ or non-discounted prices together with a recommended retail price (RRP).

If you have Accounts system integration then prices and discounts are updated from your accounts system and will update the site provided the user is logged in.

B2B customers tend to repeat order items. We provide a ‘regular’ or ‘top’ items list in the ‘Your Account’ section for your customer’s convenience.

If you have Accounts system integration then the ‘Top Products, will include offline orders as well. This is great for on boarding your customer as they will have ‘Top Products’ before they have even logged on for the first time.


If you have Accounts system integration when one of your customer’s logs in to the website, their account is updated from the details on their sales ledger account in Sage or Pegasus Opera. This means that any changes you have made to the account will be reflected online.

Once your website is completed and loaded with products it may be that it provides a useful tool for your internal staff or sales representatives to enter orders on behalf of customers.

You can set up ‘Agent’ logins for these staff and select the accounts you wish them to be able to input orders for. Your staff simply login and select the account they wish to place the order on behalf of. The website will then show that account’s prices and any other features it has been configured for. Goods can be added to the basket and the order placed on the account.

This allows the ‘Agent’ to FULLY adopt the order and run it through for the customer while they are on the phone. You can fully process the order for the customer including taking payment details and selecting shipping. This feature required MOTO payments to be enabled in Sagepay.

When an account is imported from the accounts system any delivery addresses configured there are brought up to the eCommerce system so that the customer can select them in the basket.

If a customer logs in and is set to be an ‘Account Manager,’ the default setting for the first login on the account, they will have the ability to add, edit and delete delivery addresses. These delivery addresses are not written back to the accounts system.

GOb2b is by default configured to show all prices for logged in b2b users to be exclusive of VAT. This can be altered to show inclusive if required. If VAT inclusive pricing is used VAT will only be included if the delivery address for the order is within the EU.

Accounts will have agreed periods in which a balance on an account is due to be paid. Some systems can introduce a discount for balances that are paid on accounts if the payment is
received early.

If you are using Accounts system integration GOb2b will apply this early settlement discount if it is configured. If the order is placed on account then the decision on whether to honour this discount or not can be done in the usual manner. If this customer pays immediately by credit card then the discount will be applied. GOb2b’s handling of early settlement discounts complies with HMRC rules.

If you use credit limits in your business these can also be applied on the website, in multiple fashions.

One is to accept the over credit orders but has the credit control department notified by email so that they can discuss the order. Alternatively, the order can be prevented from being placed and suitable messaging put in the basket to explain this to your customer.

If you are using Accounts system integration Credit Limits will be taken directly from the Accounts system.

Customers who place regular bulk orders can upload a simple CSV file containing stock codes and quantities to have them priced, stock checked and added to the basket in order to reduce order time and make the checkout process much easier.

The process is very simple and once a customer has done it for the first time it will become second nature. Step-by-step help on creating and uploading the file is provided.

Kit builder is great for situations where your customers need to configure the product they’re buying. Imagine you’re selling a skateboard and you want to let the customer pick different wheels, trucks, top designs etc.

Each different wheelset (e.g. red, green, blue) would be its own SKU. Once your customer has made their selections, the whole ‘kit’ can be added to the basket and the order placed giving you all the information you need to proceed.

If you’re selling components for big products like boilers, golf trolleys, electric fires etc., you want to help your customers buy the right spare part.

This mechanism lets you upload your exploded view diagrams and then tag the individual parts on the diagram with the parts you’ve added to GOb2b. Your customer can then simply click on the item on your exploded view diagram and be taken straight to the correct replacement part.

This is a great tool for manufacturers / importers that are predominantly trade, but have a commitment to provide spare parts to the public.

Some businesses want to be able to add incentives for placing orders online.

Discounts can be applied on top of existing product discounts. This can be particularly useful when introducing b2b eCommerce where you might give an extra discount to all customers ordering online for the first 6 months.

The default purchaser type, A, on the site can see all the products in the catalogue.

Type B Purchasers only see products that have a price in the price list they are associated with. If this is a short list then when they log in they simply see a page of products that they can purchase. If it is a long list then navigation can be created dynamically using the Product Category and Sub Category.

The default purchaser type, A, on the site can see all the products in the catalogue with the standard navigation. If you need to show a subset of products, in a different navigation, then you can build a separate catalogue for that customer.

Purchasers on that account can then be set to type C, meaning they are only able to see that/their specific catalogue. Also, you can brand the catalogue for a particular customer.

Trade accounts have the ability to view their current balance through the ‘My Account’ section of the website. This shows the invoiced balance and does not take account of pending orders.

If you have Accounts system integration your customers will be able to see their outstanding invoices and the amount owing on each. From this page, they can pay off one or more of those invoices by credit card.

They can also make a payment on account without paying a specific invoice. When the payment is taken GOb2b will make all the ledger postings in the accounts system for you.

Spindle is an ‘Intelligent Print Driver’ supplied by Draycir that can send your documents by email as PDF but also keep an archive copy on your server. We use it at GOb2b and it saves us hours of work.

If you have spindle we can allow customers to retrieve those archived PDF invoices from the ‘My Account’ section of the website saving you answering another call.

If there is not a currency configured for that country then the default currency, usually sterling, will be displayed. The IP detection is not fool proof as it relies on publicly available data over which we have no control.

If you have Accounts system integration the customer will be able to see their complete order history from the accounting system not just those placed online. They can view each order to see what is contained. They can also ‘repeat’ the order which will add all the items in that order to the current basket with the same quantities, or add individual line items. The status information provided by your accounting system is quite sparse.

If you have extra information you wish to show your customers we can provide bespoke options to make this happen.

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