7 Reasons your B2B should be set up for online transactions

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Is your b2b company set up for online transactions? If not you’re missing out on the significant and growing trend of integrated b2b ecommerce. Ecommerce was once seen as secondary to in-person sales, but not any more.

McKinsey & Company found that nearly two-thirds of b2b companies are now set up for complete online transactions. The key to successful b2b sales growth is integrated ecommerce and here’s why:

  1. The dual factors of pandemic home working combined with technological leaps meant that the slowly growing trend of digital b2b accelerated rapidly.
  2. There’s growing evidence that b2b audiences prioritise ecommerce buying experiences when they select vendors.
  3. Companies like Amazon have set service expectations high by offering free, fast shipping. Buyers are now demanding fast, high quality service in every avenue, not just b2c. It’s hard for companies to compete with that level of service without an integrated ecommerce platform.
  4. It’s impossible to offer omnichannel experiences, another growing trend, without a sophisticated ecommerce system. If a prospect engages with your mobile capable website before reaching out to a sales representative, they expect you to know about it.
  5. Self-service is another growing trend which is impossible to fulfil without an integrated ecommerce platform. Self-service portals for b2b ecommerce allow users to do things like find answers to questions, submit support requests and schedule appointments.
  6. Payment automation has also become critical for b2b ecommerce payment options. Buyers expect flexibility and ensuring that bills and receipts of payment are tracked seamlessly reduces frustration for your buyers. It would be hard to achieve seamless integration without b2b ecommerce.
  7. According to McKinsey & Company b2b mobile ordering has increased 250% the past two years. A well-optimised, mobile-friendly site with a catalogue of products and purchase options can keep your business ready for mobile customers.

If your business is still dismissing digital as a sideline or trendy channel you could be in danger of allowing customers to slip away to competitors who offer integrated ecommerce. For help with transforming your b2b ecommerce platform, get in touch. We design and create b2b eCommerce solutions which transform your sales process, delivering feature rich customer experiences.