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Kerax & EcoSoya Chrissie Prior January 19, 2022

Improving efficiencies

and jumping into the 21st century

with Kerax & EcoSoya
Kerax & EcoSoya

Manufacture and supply
an extensive range of wax
and wax blends.




B2B and B2C –
a variety of uses including candle making, food packaging and surface protection.

Sage 200 Integration

We were pleased to catch up with Paul Hebblethwaite, Finance Director at Kerax and EcoSoya to find out how they are getting on with their 2 new eCommerce sites. 

Paul headed up the project for Kerax and EcoSoya to bring both of their brands into the 21st century with an integrated eCommerce website for each brand. We were delighted to work with Paul and his team on this project.


Kerax and EcoSoya have a large customer base who have eCommerce sites and knew they also needed to be able to sell online directly to those
customers through an eCommerce website.

The customer base is used to online ordering so the team at Kerax and EcoSoya felt it was important to be able to match  their more modern online selling style.

PAUL Speech Website

“We needed bringing into the 21st century, our customers sell online to their customers, so wanted to offer them the same service.”

The most important feature of a new eCommerce website was for it not to increase the manual input work for the Kerax and EcoSoya customer services team.

PAUL Speech Website

“That was a big thing for us, our customer services team are so busy already we couldn’t increase the manual input of orders. I did some Google searching and soon realised that integration into our Sage accounting software from GOb2b was what we needed.”

The majority of sales for both brands were large, palletised orders but the market was
growing for smaller sample-sized (kg) bags due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many small
candle making businesses were setting up as new start-ups and placing orders with EcoSoya for their candle wax

PAUL Speech Website

“We wanted to get online quickly with our EcoSoya business to be able to take advantage of the demand from these smaller candle making businesses."

The goals for the website include:

  • Sell online
  • Integrate with Sage
  • Not require manual data iput
  • Get EcoSoya live ASAP

Certain we could meet the brief and excited to work with Kerax and EcoSoya, we got working on the project straight away!


The ability to sell online and save time by reducing manual input for orders were key drivers for the 2 new eCommerce websites. EcoSoya also needed to be live quickly to meet the demand of changing markets and a growing customer base.

GOb2b’s unique eCommerce platform integrates with their Sage 200 accounting software so there is no need for the customer services team to handle transactions. When customers place an order, it is created as a sales order in Sage and is then ready for dispatch and invoicing with no manual input.

To get EcoSoya online asap we launched in 2 weeks with GOb2b’s SaaS platform to deliver a feature-rich, easy to navigate sales order platform. This allowed for a quick set up of the site to allow EcoSoya to get online to meet the demand of their new customers very quickly.

Kerax were less time-pressured and wanted a bespoke design for their site which GOb2b built from scratch.

The integration connection enables both sites to have up-to-the-moment data
to both the front-end customer view, trade portal and back-office functions.
PAUL Speech Website
Improve efficiency

A huge plus for integrating the eCommerce sales channels with their Sage accounting system is how efficient it is. This two-way, real-time flow of data makes life better for both the in-house teams and their customers.

“It really has allowed us to easily take more orders without taking up valuable time of the customer services team.”

PAUL Speech Website
PAUL Speech Website
Scale the business

The EcoSoya site went live with the core range of 8 products which included palletised products as well as a new sample sized 1kg bag.

Our products became so popular, we were struggling to keep up with the demand of online ordering and traditional orders from our long-standing customers so we had to temporarily turn the palletised orders off from the eCommerce site.”

During the Christmas break when the business closed, the site continued to remain live for
sample orders.

“We were delighted when we returned to see 60 orders through the site, having the site live 24/7 makes a real difference to our customers and allows us to trade day and night. Due to the popularity of the candle wax sample bags, we decided to scale them up to 20kg bags to drive growth in the business.”

Orders continue to grow for the 20kg sample bags with the eCommerce integration providing a much smoother overall experience as the business continues on its path to success online.

PAUL Speech Website
Product-specific enquiries

Kerax’s previous website was a brochure site with product information and no
eCommerce. The site acted as an enquiry site where customers would complete an online
form to receive a quote.

“We didn’t always know which product the customer was interested in so sometimes we had to contact the customer to ask. Our new GOb2b site has the facility for customers to log their enquiry against a particular product and this information is passed to our customer services team so we know exactly what product the customer is interested in.”

PAUL Speech Website
PAUL Speech Website
Software for all

“Any ideas I had around what I wanted to achieve for the site, I would ask Ben our onboarding contact and we had great discussions on how we could make this possible.”

Due to the nature of the product and its scalability, the delivery mechanisms were vital to ensure correct shipping was available.

“Ben was knowledgeable and has learnt from past experiences and was able to show me examples of how the delivery mechanisms could work for us which is great. The training on the GOb2b software was good and once you have found your way around it I think it is relatively simplistic to use and possible to achieve what you want. Since going live we realised we needed someone dedicated to managing the website so we have recruited a marketing co-ordinator who has also received the training and has picked it up well.”

PAUL Speech Website

“We’re going to continue to develop both sites. We want to be able to get some of our existing customers using the website for the palletised orders using the trade account section which will free up more of the customer service teams time.

We’re working on a bespoke design for our EcoSoya website, it has performed very well and we believe a unique design with increased functionality will help upscale the business even further. The experience with GOb2b has been great and we’re excited to keep working with them.”

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