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Punchout Lewis Akeroyd September 1, 2021

eCommerce integration for Punchout

Modern b2b eCommerce platform to automate your sales order process taking your customer orders directly from your website into sales orders on Punchout.

GOb2b is built with over 20 years experience working with trade customers so we know how complicated b2b purchasing can get. 

Are you offering volume pricing or customer-specific discounts?

Does your buyer want to purchase in bulk, and is your inventory data up to date?

Our b2b eCommerce platform was built specifically to address the concerns of b2b businesses. B2B customers order more frequently, repeat orders and often know what they want so need easy search options. They expect an experience which is easy to navigate and smart, to show them top products, recently purchased items and saved baskets.

They can also get access to their account to view and track orders and pay off invoices.

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Integrated b2b
Order processing
Smart, easy to navigate ordering process which is automatically put into your accounting system.

Key features include:

  • Orders are placed into SOP (Sales Order Process) and allocated.
  • Quick ordering using stock codes.
  • Save baskets for logged in customers.
  • Basket quotation builder.
  • Customer order tracking.
  • Multiple payment method options: account, credit card and PayPal.
Stock position
Provide your customers with live stock availability.Get live stock levels and due in dates directly from your accounts system.

Key features include:

  • Stock positions displayed in the best way to fit your business needs.
  • Allow backorder when items are out of stock.
  • Display due in dates.
  • Supports BOM (Bill of Materials).
using ipad in warehouse to order
A dedicated b2b eCommerce platform requires dedicated features to meet the specific needs to trade customers.GOb2b was built specifically to address the concerns of b2b businesses.

Key features include:

  • Sell on account – orders go directly into Sales Order Processing.
  • Product price list and discount structures.
  • View and pay outstanding invoices.
  • View order history and repeat orders.
  • Order adoption to allow your customer service team to adopt the order and run it through for the customer while they are on the phone.
T-shirts on handing rail
Provide your customers with all the product details they require to make purchasing easier. All the information is pulled through from your accounting software so you only have to enter the details once if they are not already there.

Key features include:

  • Full product details including name, description and images.
  • Product codes including nominal information, part numbers and barcodes.
  • Selling price, RRP and promotional options.
  •  Cross-sell options with alternative products and often bought with examples.
SEO on laptop
A smart, easy to use eCommerce website is key to create an enjoyable experience for your customers.Everything you need to improved your website accessibility and rankings in search engines.

Key features include:

  • CMS (content management system) to give you full control over your website.
  • URL’s which are formatted to show understandable names.
  • Easy to set up search engine algorithms including keywords, title tags, Alt tags and more.
  • Support with Google Analytics
A complex set of shipping options to suit all your b2b delivery requirements.Shipping can be complex in the b2c area but for b2b with large orders that may involve pallets, it is even more complex. GOb2b provides a complex set of shipping options, which can help organisations simplify their shipping charges whilst still recovering costs. There is also the option of bespoke shipping set-ups.

Key features include:

  • By weight / volumetric weight
  • By value
  • By number
  • By postcode or country zone
  • Product-specific shipping for heavy or awkward items

Yes, trade customers registered to your site will have the ability to see their individual negotiated price plans as they shop. Product price plans and discount details are updated from your accounting system which will update the details of products on the site provided the user is logged in. For customers without an account they can purchase using the selling price which is synchronised from your product data or default price list on your accounting system. You can also synchronise the RRP of products from the price list in your accounting system.

Yes they can. The sell on account feature in GOb2b allows businesses to facilitate trade accounts on their website which allows orders to be directly placed into Sales Order Processing within their account on your accounting system. Instead of trade customers having to go through a standard payment processes each time they make an order, Sell on Account allows them to place multiple orders on their account with the click of a button. The balance from these orders can then be paid off in full at another time. Each account can have multiple purchasers who log in via their unique email address. All purchases by these purchasers will appear on the sales ledger account and the system can be configured to show who the purchaser was in the ‘taken by’ type fields.

Yes, as we are caching the stock value it is important we do not make an online sale based on an out of date stock position. GOb2b’s full integration with your accounting software means that as the user reaches their final checkout step, the accounting systems stock database is queried one final time to get the exact stock position. If there is insufficient stock to fulfil the order, either: the user can be redirected to the basket to be notified of the status of the order, the user can be redirected to the basket, the quantity reduced to match stock available and the customer notified, or if the product is on backorder, the order will continue to be placed.

Shipping can be complex in the b2c area but for b2b with large orders that may involve pallets it is even more complex. GOb2b provides a complex set of shipping options, which can help organisations simplify their shipping charges whilst still recovering costs. There is also the option of bespoke shipping set-ups. There are many ways we can price shipping including by weight, by volumetric weight, by value, by number, by postcode or country zone and product specific shipping.

Yes, once your website is completed and loaded with products it may be that it provides a useful tool for your internal staff or sales representatives to enter orders on behalf of customers.

You can set up ‘Agent’ logins for these staff and select the accounts you wish them to be able to input orders for. Your staff simply login and select the account they wish to place the order on behalf of.

The website will then show that account’s prices and any other features it has been configured for. Goods can be added to the basket and the order placed on the account.

Yes, all our sites are fully responsive and work across all devices – desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. This means that GOb2b is designed to work the exact same way across all devices.

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